Become a Host Family and Student Guardian


Make a positive impact on someone’s life.

  • Watch them develop into happy, confident global citizens, familiar with British values and ready to make their own mark in the world.

Share you family traditions/culture and learn other traditions and cultures

  • Introducing students to our culture gives them a genuine understanding of how we live in the UK and helps them to improve their spoken English. It also gives you an insight into theirs.

Fill your home with fun and laughter

  • Many of our host families have adult children who have now “fled the nest”. They have found hosting students to be an excellent way to fill the house again and relive school time experiences.

Make lifelong friendships

  • The bond between a student and host family often lasts long after a student has finished school.

Supplemental income

  • Becoming a host family is a great (tax free) supplemental income and it all adds up, particularly if you are looking after more than one child or hosting over a half-term or school holiday.


We pay more ££ than other guardianship agencies

  • We price ourselves at the top end of the market, meaning more money to you
  • Our host family fee is higher than our competitors

We are flexible

  • We want hosting to be a pleasure for you, not a chore!
  • We don’t ask for you to make a long-term commitment to us and we work flexibly around the dates that you have availability to host. At the start of each term, we give you a list of all dates that your student(s) may need to be accommodated outside of school (e.g. half-terms, exeats), which gives you plenty of time to schedule your diary and to let us know if any of those dates don’t work.

Simple registration process

  • We have made this as quick and easy as possible.
  • Hosting children is a heavily regulated activity. Background checks and safeguarding training is essential, but we do as much of the work as we can.

Ongoing training and support

  • We provide annual training for you, usually done at the same time as our annual visit to your home. We also give you access to online webinars and training.
  • Whilst hosting international students comes naturally to most who have children of their own, we do all we can to ensure you are always supported by us.


We have made this as quick and easy as possible.

Once you have completed this short form, we will send you a full application form for you to complete and return to us.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us and we will endeavour to answer them.