“In my 18 years as a boarding school master, I can honestly say that you are the best guardians I have come across”.

Bill – Senior Master, (Bedes School)

“GBG is a really professional, wonderful and all round best guardianship company. We are fully satisfied with the service provided and full support provided during weekends and at half terms. I wish you a bright future.”

Chu – Hong Kong Mother, (Harrow School)

“I am lucky that I can be under your guardianship for my second year in the UK, especially under such a tough period of time. Thank you for helping me solve out many complex issues in the past year which makes my life much easier”.

Lily – Chinese Student (15), The King’s School Canterbury

“We have been a host family since 2018 and have looked after 5 different children for various exeats, half-terms and holidays. It has been a thoroughly rewarding experience and we have enjoyed showing the children a bit of our very English way of life: dogs, garden, walking, games, family, special occasions. GBG look after the children and us very well and I highly recommend them to everyone.”

Bella – Host Parent, (Hampshire)

“GBG have been the most reliable and flexible guardian company we have worked with, providing support, care and love for all our students. Their quality host families were incredible during the Covid-19 pandemic when some of our students were hosted for four months including Christmas and Easter holidays. Great British Guardians always put children’s safety first and with their guidance none of our students got coronavirus and all of them were safe, happy and healthy, both physically and psychologically. I would recommend them to any parents who are sending their children to the UK.”

Anqi – Educational Agent, (China)

“I spent nearly three months living with Kathy and Stephen during the Covid lockdown. I can honestly say that these months were the best time I have ever had away from home. They did their best to make me feel comfortable and part of their family. Not only did I have fun but I also learned so much.”

Sasha – Russian Student (16), Mill Hill School

“Thank you for having me at your comfortable house. I loved carving pumpkins for Halloween and making cupcakes to take back to school for my friends. It was really fun when Alex came to play for the day, and it was fun swimming in the pool. You were very kind when I wasn’t very well.”

Justin – Chinese Student (9), Horris Hill School

“A year ago we felt that the British guardian system was only a mandatory requirement of the government. But after meeting you, we really feel that a good guardian can give the child the same teaching and help as the parents. We sincerely hope that every short holiday of our child will be spent under your attention.” 

Quan – Chinese Father, (Uppingham School)

“I love my weekends and half terms at your house!  It’s been much easier to settle into school knowing that you are close by and I can come ‘home’ at the breaks.  You and the tutor have helped me so much with my school work and I have gone up two grades since my first visit to your house a year ago! I love the dogs.”

Alexi – Russian Student (15), Stowe School

“I really like staying with you and being in the countryside. The girls [William’s Host Family’s children] are like my sisters and I love playing with the dogs. My bedroom is really cool. Thank you for helping me with my revision for my exams – I think I will get 100 per cent now!”

William – Chinese student (11), Summer Fields School

“British manners and culture are very different from Chinese. We are happy you take the initiative to teach May acceptable behaviour in the UK so she is not considered rude. You are the kind of guardian who pays attention to the child’s behaviour and character development and not just provide a bed, wi-fi and food.”

Ying – Chinese Mother, (Epsom College)

“It was so nice to meet you at the airport. Thank you for caring for me and for always giving me nice meals. My English experience has been incredible! The tutoring was so helpful and I am very grateful to my host parents for taking me on so many great day trips. The Roman Baths and Wagamama was really fun. I really liked all our cultural trips around the country and I have learned a lot from my experiences.” 

David – Japanese Student (18), Harrow School

“It was so nice to be with Stephen and Kathy for three weeks over Christmas. They included me in everything like I was one of their family and made me feel so welcome – I even got a stocking on Christmas Day!  Everyone was really kind. I loved all the celebrations, even though we don’t celebrate Christmas in Japan! I would recommend for everyone to stay with the Arnott’s!  My English improved so much and I learned such a lot about British culture and history.” 

Lisa – Japanese Student (15), Benenden School

“Kathy and Stephen are the most wonderful people, not just great guardians.  Nothing is too much trouble and they look after our son as if he is their own child.  They not only offer a loving environment but put great emphasis on exciting activities and personal coaching where needed. You could not be in better hands than with Great British Guardians if you are looking for UK guardians! Thoroughly recommended…” 

Raul – Thai Father, (Radley College)

“I really like my host family. They are so nice to talk to about my problems (difficult girls at school and my parents divorce) and make me feel better about everything. Thank you for encouraging me to make the most out of my time at school.  My friends are always jealous when I stay with Kathy & Stephen or my regular host parents.”

Emma – Chinese Student (13), Downe House School

“Great British Guardian have been so helpful since I began studying in the UK. Whether it was to plan taxis back and forth from airports or train stations or if I needed anything special for my student life such as a new suit or even plastic storages boxes. They have made my life easier as a student and my parent’s life easier as they are abroad. Spending time with my host parents has really helped me to settle into boarding school. It is a pleasure to be with such a kind and interesting family.”

Juan – French Student (15), Millfield School

“Covid has caused twists and turns that give new strength and opportunities. There are not enough words of gratitude for everything you did to make my girls happy and secure for the three months they stayed with their host parents when they could not return home.” 

Evgenlia – Russian Mother, (Caterham School).

“I loved staying with my Host Family and my English is much better now. They looked after me really well at their nice house. They cooked me delicious meals and I liked the things they taught me, especially how to play Backgammon.”

John – Japanese student (15), College Alpin Beau Soleil, Switzerland

“I had the pleasure of being under the care of the Arnott’s for the best part of 12 years. Throughout every level of my education, from common entrance to university, I was fortunate to have had a supportive home environment from which to achieve the best possible results. In unfamiliar surroundings I had a family that provided a happy and comfortable home for me to thrive when not at school. I firmly believe that to achieve the best results a child needs an alien environment to feel like a second home, where they are excited to learn and engage with a new culture. It’s an under-valued aspect of guardianship and I am eternally grateful that the Arnott’s helped and encouraged me at every step.”

Mark – Student (22), Radley College

“Kathy and Stephen were very focused on our son’s emotional wellbeing during the time he stayed with them. Their beautiful house has everything necessary for a child to learn and play but most of all their positive energy meant that he was always happy, cheerful and engaged. Thank you for organising interesting activities at the weekends and for introducing him to so many new experiences. You made sure he kept in regular communication with us and from the feedback we received from you we knew that he was safe, happy and learning! We cannot recommend Great British Guardians highly enough.”

Natasha – Bulgarian Mother, (Stowe School)

“My daughter was very nervous about going to school in the UK. But thanks to the support she received from her guardians, she quickly settled in and went on to achieve top grades in all her GSCEs.”

Noriko – Japanese Mother, (Wycombe Abbey)

“A quick note to thank you for all your effort and efficiency during these troubled Covid times. It must have been manic for you finding emergency accommodation for all your students, but your professionalism has been superb. Stanley is also very lucky to have such a wonderful host parent.”

Richard – Housemaster, (Bryanston School)

“There’s so much I want to say to thank my host parent. She gave me a home for 12 weeks during the Covid lockdown and was so unfalteringly kind, big-hearted and caring during the uncertain times and fear for the future. I’m sure she must have been so tired and fed up but she never let it show and was always so bright, positive and lovely every day. She encouraged me to take exercise and she spent hours chatting with me. Her positivity and thoughtfulness made such a big difference when I was worried and upset about not being able to go home.”

Ash – Indian Student (17), Millfield School

“We’ve had several talks with our girls and they told us they had a “terrific time” with all the activities they have experienced over half term. But ABOVE ALL they are so very grateful about the opportunity of meeting you and becoming part of your life and routine. We just wanted to thank you for letting them feel “at home” and also for your love and understanding. I will certainly recommend you to anyone else sending their child to school in England.”

Francisco – Spanish Father, (Milton Abbey and Luckley House Schools)

“My host family helped me with my school work and took me to Oxford – it was really fun riding a bicycle around the city. If I work very hard at school I hope I can go there to university.”

Alex – Bulgarian Student (12), Hazlegrove School

“Ah, you are all wonderful!!!! James loved his time with you and we were happy knowing he was happy. Perfect!!! Big sigh of relief now…”

Nanjing – Chinese Mother, (Charterhouse School)

“I spent 3 months with my host family over the third Covid lockdown. Despite the tight lockdown restrictions, with little to do in the outside world, my host parents made my stay exceptionally enjoyable and welcoming. They put in a huge amount of effort to make me feel comfortable away from home, including healthy and balanced meals, inspiring movies and countryside walks with the dogs. They even gave me a lockdown birthday party!

Mariia – Russian Student (16), Caterham School

“Great British Guardians have been my guardians for nearly five years and I can honestly say that I’m very lucky that my parents chose this company. Every time when exeats are coming up, I always feel excited to go to my host family house. They are very kind. The meals are delicious and nutritious, they care about my health and mind as much as my real parents. We never sit all day in the house, they plan some activities for us, also we do puzzles and in the evening we watch films. The rooms are very big, whenever I have exams coming up there is a big table in the room where I can do all my studies.”

Alexandra – Russian Student (15), Heathfield School

“When our son went to Millfield, we asked him to work hard and make the most of every opportunity and he’s done that in spades! He was thrilled to have been made Head of House and we were equally chuffed. He was so fond of his Host Family – they were pivotal in helping him through his early years. Thank you! I know he misses you.”

Kim – Chinese Father, (Millfield School)

“Moving schools for me was extremely hard but Great British Guardians really helped me through it. I know that every time I have any issues, concerns or requests I can turn to them and they will do their best to help me. I love spending exeat weekends with my host parents where I participate in so many activities such as the cinema, walking their dog, going out into town and much more. They are always very welcoming for me to talk to, especially during the exam season when I am extremely stressed”

Marsha – Russian Student (13), ACS Cobham School

“We appreciate your warm support for Kazuho from the bottom of our hearts. His study in UK was the first experience for our family. With your trustworthy guardian services, Kazuho could spend enjoyable days in the UK and we haven’t felt any anxiety about various logistic arrangements in the distant place. Thank you again for your kind-hearted support.”

Mr Kito – Japanese Father, (Marlborough College)

“We have been working with Great British Guardians for over 4 years. During this time, there has not been a single situation when we had problems or misunderstandings. For me, as an agent, it is more important that our students communicate with their guardians on their own. For our students, guardians are not just a formality, but people to whom they can address on various issues. I don’t need to control transfers, exeat, school activities – the guardians themselves will remind me that it’s time to send flight details or write some letter to the school. Great British Guardians are always ready to adapt to the current situation and find a solution that, first of all, will meet the interests of children. I am very glad that my students can feel free and protected. I really appreciate Stephen and Kathy’s help during this time and I am looking forward to many more years of us working together. Thank you.”

Daria – Educational Agent, (Russia)

“Thank you ever so much. Great British Guardians have been fantastic and we really appreciate the constant support you have given Zhou.”

Wen – Chinese Mother, (Cranleigh School)

“Thank you for helping me with my piano and clarinet practice. I really like staying with you.”

James – Chinese student (13), Port Regis School

“Learning is a treasure that will follow it’s owner everywhere”

Chinese Proverb