Our Guardianship Packages


Designed specifically for students who will not require host family accommodation.
Per term: £450
Per year: £1350
One off registration fee: £100

  • UK guardianship: A dedicated educational guardian in the UK.
  • 24/7 emergency support service: Round the clock support to you, the school and your child in case of an emergency.
  • Out of school arrangements: We liaise with you, the school and your child to agree holiday, half-term and weekend exeat arrangements.
  • Travel arrangements: Organise safe and efficient airport transfers and other travel for your child in the UK.
  • Emergency accommodation: Arrange suitable host family accommodation in case of an emergency.
  • Administration assistance: Help with general administrative functions such as making online purchases.
  • School communication: Assist you to communicate with the school, including completing consent forms and accessing the school portal.
  • Progress monitoring: Monitor your child’s academic achievement, attendance and wellbeing. We report to you if there are any causes for concern.
  • Ongoing advice: Readily provide input on extra-curricular activities, advise on subjects and courses e.g. GCSEs, A-Levels or IB
  • Safeguarding: Ensure that you, your child’s school and the appointed host family (if relevant) are familiar with our Safeguarding Policies and Procedures.
  • Access to our online portal: Privileged access to see reports, manage your account, submit flight details etc.


Our most popular package, designed for students who need accommodating out of school on a regular basis.
Per term: £650
Per year: £1950
One off registration fee: £200

Includes all services provided in the Lite Package plus:

  • Appointment of host family: We appoint an experienced host family to provide a home for your child during weekends, exeats, half-terms or as otherwise required.
  • Additional pastoral and educational support: Host families are trained to support your child and motivate them to succeed.
  • Beginning and end of term support: if required, the host family can host your child at the start and end of each term and help them to settle into school and their boarding house.


We usually charge £1000 deposit to pay for optional extras although this can be varied according to your child’s needs. The balance will be refunded upon completion of your child’s studies.

  • Host family accommodation, including all meals (per day or part thereof): £90
  • Fuel allowance for host families driving your child: £.55 per mile + any parking charges
  • Taxis / private drivers: charged at cost
  • Attend scheduled parent-teacher evening: £70 + fuel allowance
  • Visit your child’s school to meet with them and/or teachers other than for scheduled parent-teacher meetings: £50/ hour + fuel allowance
  • Attend any school activities such as music concerts, drama productions, carol services and sports matches: fuel allowance
  • Accompany your child to routine medical, optician and dental appointments: £50/ hour + fuel allowance
  • Accompany your child in case of emergency hospitalisation: £90/ hour + fuel allowance
  • Accompanying your child to open a UK bank account: £50/ hour + fuel allowance
  • Birthday extras (e.g. cake, presents): charged at cost
  • Arrange extra tutoring: charged at cost
  • Activities e.g. cinema trips, go-carting, shopping, restaurant: charged at cost
  • Emergency host family accommodation: daily rate + 50%
  • Easter, Christmas and Summer holiday accommodation: £120
  • Special occasion holiday accommodation (e.g. Christmas eve/day, New Years’ eve/day, Easter day, other bank holidays): £150
  • Storage: charged at cost
  • Unassisted minor airport support: charged at cost
  • Sewing school name tapes: charged at cost
  • Translation Services: charged at cost

Cost includes an admin fee of 10% plus VAT to cover the cost of enhanced DBS checks, screening and/or additional admin time for processing payments.

Should you require anything in addition to these services, please ask and we will provide you with a quote.