What is a typical British boarding school calendar?

As a parent considering a British boarding school for your child, you may be wondering what the academic calendar looks like. British boarding schools operate on a slightly different schedule than schools in other parts of the world, with three main terms throughout the year. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the academic calendar for British boarding schools.

Term Dates

The academic year at British boarding schools is divided into three terms, each lasting around 10 to 12 weeks. The first term, also known as the autumn term, typically begins in early September and runs until mid-December. The second term, or spring term, begins in early January and runs until late March or early April. The final term, known as the summer term, begins in late April or early May and runs until late June or early July. These dates can vary slightly from school to school, so it’s essential to check the specific term dates for the school you’re considering.

Half-Term Breaks

In addition to the three main terms, British boarding schools also have two or three “half-term” breaks throughout the year. These breaks typically last around a week and provide students with a chance to rest and recharge before returning to their studies. Half-term breaks usually fall in the middle of each term, around the sixth or seventh week.

Exams and Holidays

During each term, students will have exams or assessments to complete. These assessments are designed to evaluate the students’ progress and understanding of the material covered during the term. The exact timing of exams can vary from school to school, but they typically take place towards the end of each term.

British boarding schools also have several holidays throughout the year, including Christmas, Easter, and summer holidays. The length of these holidays can vary, but most schools will have at least two weeks off for Christmas and Easter and around six weeks off during the summer.

Final Thoughts

The academic calendar for British boarding schools is structured around three main terms, each lasting around 10 to 12 weeks. Students will have exams and assessments throughout each term, with half-term breaks providing a chance to rest and recharge. In addition to the three main terms, students can also look forward to holidays, including Christmas, Easter, and the summer break. While the exact dates may vary from school to school, the academic calendar at British boarding schools provides students with a consistent and structured approach to their education, helping to set them up for success in their academic pursuits.


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